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Singer 3323S Talent Review

Sewing is a hobby that can be rewarding and practical. If you love fashion and would like to create your own designs, check out the Singer 3323S Talent.  It’s loaded with features, yet still, low priced.  The design is compact, easy to pack away, yet it’s got enough guts to handle all your fashions.

SINGER 3323S Talent 23-Stitch Sewing Machine

Singer 3323S Talent 23-Stitch Sewing Machine

5 Steps to Choose Your First Sewing Machine

1. Ask yourself, for what you are going to use it?

If you are still unclear about your goal or want to buy it to test, there is a high probability that it will end up in a closet or postpone learning to use it. If that is your case, my recommendation is that you do not buy a high-end machine, but one that is designed for basic things.

Now, if you know that you will use it for small arrangements, to make crafts such as felt dolls or costumes, cushions (or whatever you can think of) then it is worth investing in a medium-priced machine, from 100 to 200 euros, because maybe you start with small things but soon you discover all the potential that you have and you do not want to have to invest in a more powerful machine. In this way you only make one payment.

And if you take advantage of campaigns like singer for that budget you can get a superior machine. These campaigns tend to be several times a year, and are a good time to fully amortize your investment.

2. Buy a machine from a well-known brand.

Buy a machine of a brand that you know that gives good results, such as singer gives you some security and also these brands always have an accessible technical service if there is a problem,

Also, for example, in the case of SINGER 3323, you have a lot of online tutorials to use your sewing machines.

3. The power must be at least 70W

Under that power you will not be able to sew thick fabrics or a low of a pair of pants, for example, something that will limit you once you start to sew with more ease.

4. Does just what you need?

However, it is important to note if the general characteristics are the “Free Arm” or the “Double height of Presser” for thick fabrics because they are very useful when working with it.

5. Pay attention to the accessories.

If the machine we buy comes with accessories that we are going to use we avoid having to spend extra money to buy them separately, such as the presser foot and its varieties – zipper, hem, buttonholes, button sewing, etc. – since they are some of the most expensive accessories.

If you have these five steps in mind you will be much closer to your first perfect sewing machine.

First of all, we must know what is a singer 3323 talent. It is a machine with which we can sew different textile materials with thread. Today the mechanism used to operate a singer 3323 talent is very similar to those used by our grandmothers, with the difference that nowadays they are all electric. In addition, the current ones are much lighter than the old ones since they are made with plastic sheets.

Knowing how a singer 3323 talent works can help us better understand its operation. The singer 3323 talent works thanks to a motor. The motor is what provides the necessary impulse for the sewing machine to perform all its functions. In addition to the machine we will also find a cable that has a pedal. This cable will be the one that we will connect to the light at one end and at the machine at the other.

Depending on whether our singer 3323 talent is electronic or mechanical we will opt for the different settings and options through an electronic screen or through wheels or keys if it is mechanical. The options offered by the singer 3323 talents are multiple. You can adjust the stitch style, the thread tension, the length of the stitch.

Five advantages of machine sewing

1. Economic savings. If you have your own sewing machine, you can enjoy autonomy to make your clothes. But in addition, you can also create new designs inspired by fashion magazines or trends that you see in stores.

2. Time saving. Sewing by hand is a task that is not only slower, but also produces greater physical exhaustion. On the contrary, the sewing machine makes this task more comfortable and simple.

3. When sewing by machine you have the possibility to earn extra money in your free time by offering sewing services. You can even create tutorials through YouTube about clothes made by you.

4. Creative intelligence. Thanks to this entertainment formula that is an anti-stress therapy, you put into practice the creative intelligence, since sewing is an art. That is, this practice can also be a hobby.

5. Personalized gifts. If you want to be original, you can use your ability to sew to make gifts. You can make for your friends and loved ones for special dates.

The possibilities offered by the use of a singer 3323 talent are endless.